Jon Foster is a drummer and composer who constantly pushes the boundaries of his involvement in the music industry. Performing with artists such as Justin Nozuka, Mathew V, Jeremie Albino and Tanika Charles, Jon has toured across North America, Europe, Asia and Australia. Beyond the stage, Jon’s drumming can be heard on over 150 recordings including an official Spotify session alongside Grammy winning producers The Stereotypes and X-Ambassadors’ Sam Harris.



While obtaining his Bachelor’s Degree at York University, Jon became the recipient of the prestigious Ella Fitzgerald Award for Jazz Performance. In 2014, he received his Master’s Degree from the University of Toronto, graduating with honours. Now, still early in his professional career, Jon has already been featured on such platforms as Snapchat (Brother Channel) and Rolling Stone Magazine.



In recent past, Jon formed a music production duo called New Routes, who has composed scores for film, television and numerous commercials for X-Box, Honda, Toyota and Lyft among others. Their signature style combines acoustic instrumentation, classical orchestration and electronic production elements. 


Jon proudly endorses Los Cabos Drumsticks and Snareweight


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Jon uses the 'Jazz' model sticks in Red Hickory, Standard Retractable Brushes, Drumstick Duo, and Birch Slapsticks.