A Collection of Song's That Feature Jon's Drumming

Session Work

Listen to Jon's session drumming in this Spotify playlist. 

Jon has drummed for artists including Justin Nozuka, Mathew V, Saint Claire, Craig Cardiff, Tanika Charles, Shawn Desman, Jeremie Albino and many others. He has worked with producers such as Dan Hosh, Andy Sheppard, Corwin Fox, and more. 

Jon has been recording for over 7 years for countless artists - with roots in Jazz, he expanded into Pop, Singer/Songwriter, Folk, Americana, Electronic and R&B. More recently, Jon has been doing drum programming for various genres. 

Jon has worked in major studios and also records drum tracks in his home studio.

Drum Lessons

Learn about rudiments, fills, grooves and more

Drum Lesson #1: Fast Fill

Click HERE to watch the drum lesson on YouTube.

This is a one page PDF that shows the sticking of the "Drum Lesson #1" video

Drum Lesson #1 Fast Fill No Notes.png